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Golf Specific Training

"If a typical 10 handicap added 25 yards to their tee shot via strength and speed training, the typical improvement would be around ~ 2.4 strokes per round” - Lou Stagner, Data Lead for Arccos Golf.

The ability to hit the ball further is one of the most sought after competitive advantages in golf. Fortunately, it’s not a secret how to gain more distance, it’s a science. You can’t just dream of hitting it longer, you need to train for it.

Your Golf Specific training will be led by an NSCA (CSCS) and TPI Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach. Our decades of experience working with athletes, combined with education and practical knowledge sets us apart from any other facility in the city.

Our training philosophy revolves around proper mobility and foundational movement patterns, no matter the skill level or age of a golfer. Building a proper foundation of strength and mobility is crucial in order to get the most out of your power development. We are confident we can make a difference in any golfer's game and help them fully reach their athletic potential.

SPARK's Golf Specific Program Offers

Golf Specific Mobility: A good golf swing possesses proper mobility in certain areas and stability in others. Our Coaches will help you increase mobility in the targetted area (hips, spine, and shoulders) which in turn will give you more range of motion and rotation in your swing. Additionally, you will gain strength and stability in your glutes, core and rotator cuff in order to make your body more resilient to injuries.

Proper Warm-Up Routines: This is important both on and off the course so we'll ensure you have the necessary tools to progress daily. This will aid you in connecting with your body and prime muscle groups before your first swing. Increasing your range of motion and warming up your muscles and nervous system is an easy and effective way for anyone to gain club head speed.

Upper & Lower Body Strength Training: Strength is King/Queen. Without Strength, you cannot produce Power and without Power, you cannot produce Speed. A lack of strength is robbing you of club head speed and leaving you more vulnerable to injuries.

Your time in the gym under load will help you increase your muscle size and strength using progressive overload and fundamental multi-joint complex movement patterns. Bigger and stronger muscles will produce more force, which will lead to more distance.

Rotational and Conventional Power Development: Power is a skill and it is EARNED. Learn to use your new found strength and express it with speed. Doing light weight explosive movements like jumping and medicine ball throwing/slamming will help bridge the gap between strength training and swing speed.

This will also allow you to train movement patterns that are much more applicable to the golf swing. That means rotational and lateral movements that will make your training specific to golf.

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