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It's no secret that simply practicing and playing will not get your team far enough to be competitive. Additional work must be done off the field, ice or court in order to give your athletes proper movement skills and reduce their chance of injury. SPARK is more than equipped to handle an entire team and help them get stronger, faster and more powerful.

We have decades of experience, education and practical knowledge under our belts and we are one of the largest facilities in town with actual usable space and equipment. We have been training youth teams for over 15 years and always keep your athletes’ safety and well being as our top priority.

And no, this is not glorified babysitting with a few ladder drills and hurdles to hop over - we train…and we train with a purpose. Our workouts are both effective and efficient so we can maximize their time in the gym and provide the results and value that parents, teams and organizations demand.

We will start sessions with a dynamic warm-up and mobility work followed by scientifically backed programming that incorporates proper movement and specifically designed workouts and drills that will increase strength, power, speed and conditioning.

Our Training Program Offers

‍Increase Speed, Agility, & Quickness: Be the first to the ball or puck, out maneuver your opponent, develop breakaway speed and make the other team look like they’re standing still.

Build Strength & Explosive Power: Run/skate faster, jump higher, hit harder and stand your ground. Increase lean body mass, decrease body fat percentage and build the strength to dominate the competition.

Conditioning: Games are often won in the last few minutes of the game. Develop the engine to outlast the opposition.

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Located on the second floor inside the Kinsmen Twin Arenas, we are minutes down the 111st Exits on both the Henday and the Whitemud

Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. SPARK Sport Conditioning is located and easily accessible from all of Edmonton.

1979 111 St NW 2nd Floor, Edmonton, AB T6J 7C6, Canada
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