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AMP - Youth Sport Performance

Are you looking to get off the bench and into the game? Are you wanting to improve your athleticism before the start of your next season? Perhaps even trying to set yourself apart from other skilled players by increasing your strength, speed and power?

SPARK’s AMP Youth Performance Program can make this happen!

Our facility and combined decades of experience, education and practical knowledge set us apart from any other training team around.  

SPARK has consistently produced athletes that score at the top of their teams testing regiments and they carry that to the field, court and ice.

Remember, performance is not inherent, it is earned. Showing up is not enough – sweat is necessary. We are here to supply you with the tools to ensure you start your season ready to deliver and dominate your competition.

No matter your sport, we are confident we can make a difference in your athletic career and take you to the next level when it comes to your strength, power, speed, conditioning, agility, coordination and muscular endurance. ‍

**AMP is designed specifically for Jr High and High School aged youth aged approximately 13-18 years of age


We are currently developing a NEW PROGRAM for athletes aged 10-12.

Because these younger athletes need more attention, class sizes will be smaller (8) and all sessions will be set days/times and the participant would attend those specific classes.

Attendance would be based on training 2 days a week on either a

Monday / Wednesday OR Tuesday / Thursday schedule.

Our AMP Youth Training Program Offers

Strength & Explosive Power: Run/skate faster, jump higher, hit harder and stand your ground. Increase lean body mass, decrease body fat percentage and build the strength to dominate the competition.

Speed, Agility & Quickness: Be the first to the ball or puck, out maneuver your opponent, develop breakaway speed and make the other team look like they’re standing still.

Conditioning: Games are often won in the last few minutes of the game. Develop the engine to outlast the opposition.

AMP is truly designed for young developing and elite athletes and follows the design of the Long Term Athletic Development Model. It can be utilized for any sport at any stage meaning it is usable for In Season Maintenance, Off-Season Strength and Conditioning and Pre-Season Ramp Up.

All training sessions are led by University Educated, Internationally Certified and Credentialed Coaches and all exercises and drills are SAFE, AGE APPROPRIATE, EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT.


  • Small Group sizes
  • Month to month fee structure with no long term contracts
  • Only pay for what you are going to use…1, 2, 3 or 4+ times per week
  • Multiple child savings (siblings only)

Please see the comprehensive "AMP Information Packet" for a full understanding and description of the program.

***NOTE: if new to AMP (and "gym" training in general) you will be required to participate in our “AMP INTRO” program consisting of 3 Private Training sessions to teach common movements (hip hinge, jumping and landing, squat, deadlift, overhead pressing and use of implements like barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, landmines etc) and of course gym etiquette and safety.

Participants that have previous lifting experience and training MAY be permitted to skip this step by PHYSICALLY DEMONSTRATING correct knowledge and form in the items listed above.

AMP Training Times: Mon to Fri @ 6:00pm Tues & Thur @ 5:00pm Sat @ 9:00am

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AMP Training Times: Mon to Fri @ 6:00pm Tues & Thur @ 5:00pm Sat @ 9:00am

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Located on the second floor inside the Kinsmen Twin Arenas, we are minutes down the 111st Exits on both the Henday and the Whitemud

Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. SPARK Sport Conditioning is located and easily accessible from all of Edmonton.

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